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#78235 First video of the B2!

Posted by ahofer on 02 March 2011 - 07:15 PM

I picked up a standard and full vent in San Diego, and I really enjoyed them. Flew both on 50' lines. I've tried some of the speed/power options (aka Supersonic) and found them less pliable and maneuverable, even though they move faster, stop more suddenly etc.

With the B2 you get some of the same fast fun but with most of the finesse and slack-line fun of the 1.5s. They are *very* sensitive to steering inputs, so that first ascent after a larger kite can feel like an angry bobcat on a leash. I particularly enjoyed the full vent in a 15-18 mph wind off Fiesta Island I could move really fast and clean, but still do some floating and slack-line stuff. This is a really portable way to have some good fun.

The kite count ascends...