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New Rev Flyer :P

03 August 2010 - 02:45 PM

Hi! I'm new to these forums and rev kite flying. I fell in love with kites last year at the 24th annual Berkeley Kite Festival. I started with a Prism Snapshot 1.2 and LOVED thr fact that it demanded control.

But I have not tried quad line kites, specifically revs, just yet. The next year, I began t notice that some kites required four lines! I was intrigued. Lolli taught me all of the basics of such controls and my mind was opened. My pathetic parasail had no form, no structure, no true hnger for delicate and percise controls, but most of all, the demand for elegance. As I flew my first Rev I. Those exhiliarting ten minutes of my life changed my ideas of kites. ( I came to realize it was an EXP, shame D:)

I am fourteen, Asian, 5'4", wear contacts, and I live in Oakland, CA.
I like to go to the Berkeley Marina or the Cesar Chavez park. 10-25 winds there, perfect for the REV 1.5 SLE I bought on Sunday. I even got to meet Ben without even knowing who he was xD. Anywoo I still am not sure how to tie the lines to the bridle, the kite I bought was one of the demonstration kites for the festival, so it came with everything, just no CD or manual.

I leik kites.