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Whats a used 1.5SLE worth?

30 January 2011 - 03:11 PM

I bought a 1.5SLE from the Kite Lounge in Mt View, Ca in July of 10'. Between running 2 businesses, school and raising a family, I just dont have the time to fly. The kites in excellent condition, no rips, tears or stains. Its been in the air less then 10 times. The only issue with the kite is this: Theres is a rubber/plastic ring that holds the cord in place at the top of the kite ( where the vertical bar connects) it popped off the last time I flew it. Im guessing this could be purchased at a hardware store for less then .50.

So I have the sail. 2 sets of spars...1 for light wind, 1 for heavy wind, kite bag and handles with 80' of 90# spectra.

I have it on my local CL for $250.....Am I way out of line or is this a reasonable asking price for everything?

Thank You