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New Rev B Flyer

14 July 2010 - 12:52 PM

Am new to the Rev kite scene, only just picked up my 1st one, a Rev B Series last saturday at the Brighton Kite Festival (UK). Am not a 4 line virgin flyer though, as have owned a 4 line Sting power kite for the last few years, but have been seeking more of a challenge. So far am enjoying the challenge of flying them, the control is great.

Probably only had about 10 hours flying time so far but today was my 1st time in a strong wind 16mph with gusts upto 30mph according to the weather forecast. I setup the kite with the 3wrap spares and the additional 2wrap horizontal spar. Anyway after about 3 hours of flying one of the vertical spars snapped mid flight (about 25ft of the ground).

What am hoping, can you tell me
  • - Was I flying in to strong a wind (gusts) and I just got unlucky for it to snap.
  • - Being a new flyer, yes I have had a few hard crashes leading edge down, could this have weakened the spar.
  • - Could the spar have been defective.
I have ordered a replacement spar and cant wait to get back out there. Also I noticed you can get 4 wrap spares, maybe I should get some of those for stronger winds.