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Wanted to thank you for all the helpful pointers and friendly chat this past Friday & Sunday at the festival. Seems watching you from the D-Sands is common, but I think we'll stay where Brett was next time we're there. Not so far to walk ;)
Jim & Apryll.
Jun 29 2011 04:19 PM

Deuces WildSkyHook

Bruce, Kevin talked to you about us having trouble posting pictures. We tried to find the place to change our setting, but can't find it. Can you tell us again what to do? We were talking to you at D river this last weekend.
Anne and Kevin
Jun 28 2011 07:39 PM


It's been nice meeting you at D River Wayside over the years. My wife and I, from our D Sands balcony, would see you flying. Before I met you, you were my excuse to fly for so many hours on the beach: "That kite flyer's wife let's him fly all day!"
Dec 18 2010 03:51 PM


is retired from the work force and darn happy about it.
Jul 17 2010 05:29 PM