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In Topic: Anybody on Guam??

04 August 2010 - 09:11 PM

I hope Guam is still afloat Posted Image Posted Image



We do have to shift people around a lot to keep the CG right and not tip over. Its really a chore. LOL

I am AF also and im pretty sure anyone who flies here on base has seen me. I fly almost every day right in front of the Wing Headquaters building! The Base commander even came out while I was flying and told me he was glad I was using his field for somthing fun. That nobody ever does anything fun there.

In Topic: Flew my first Rev!!

23 July 2010 - 02:27 AM

Welcome to the Rev family Brad, great folks you got out in your neck of the woods. Posted Image

Thanks john! and let me say WOW! Seeing some of the stuff you do especially after flying a couple times. WOW! Unfortunatley I am not at home in my neck of the woods, I am deplyed to Guam and I think I have the only Rev on the island. So I'm learning solo. Its going good I had a lot more control today than yesterday. I did get a sweet stake, I askd metal shop to make me one and they came back with one of straight titanium! I probably have the strongest stake out there lol. I should have them make me some handles that would be cool :) These kites are a blast! Thanks for all the words and tips.


In Topic: Want to buy used Rev

29 June 2010 - 09:18 PM

Let's get this man flying!!!! Anyone got a used Rev they would like to sell him?
Would you mind if I send out your forum post to a few people? Might kick up some leads. Also you might give Theresa a call at the Kite Shoppe in Vancouver Washington. The website is: http://www.kiteshoppe.com/
*T* often has great deals and knows tons of fliers who might be selling. Hope you get set up fast!

mousie, No problem you can send it to to whoever you know that could help me out. Thank you for your help and I will try to contact Theresa!