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Indoor Rev

16 October 2014 - 03:46 PM

I'm floored!!!


 Just got home from an indoor flying session and my phone was flashing a message signal! It's from Lolly, telling me that one of the family has contacted them to make me an Indoor Rev!!! ME??!! My choice of colors too!! You don't know how many hours I've spent dreaming on that colorizer, all the while my budget says nope ain't gonna happen! And yet it is happening!! Now!!!


Thank You to whomever you are!! I will fly it with as much passion as the one I have now and honor the spirit in which it was given! 


Still in disbelief ....!!!! 


Again - Thank You!!

Vertical sleeves - any use??

12 September 2014 - 09:01 AM

I just saw a new idea by LHSK offering sleeves of fabric to cover the vertical rods! Their claim is that the cloth to cloth contact will keep you from wearing little horizontal "cracks" in your sail! I'm asking if this is effective or not. I had believed that those cracks were from the sail flexing and unflexing against the rod and not from wear against them. I've made my own "wear strips" from insignia tape, just like Bazzer does, if you order wear strips on your Pro from Rev. 


Now I'm wondering which is more efficient?