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Newbie needs help!

20 June 2010 - 03:51 PM

Hello all, I have read lots on this site and it has helped me out allot but I just registered and this is my first post. I finally jumped on board and bought a B series Rev after months of debate. I have been trying to fly this new kite for a few weeks now with not much luck. Maybe someone can help me understand what I'm doing Wrong.

My Conditions:

I live inland on the east coast, average 3 to 11 MPH winds, bought a Standard B series with 2 and 3 wrap frames. I have a set of 90# 100' and 50# 80' lines. I have flown in good wind 6-8 mph but its always variable and sometimes with gusts of 15 or so.


I can launch just fine even when to wind is in the 0-3 mph range. The kite goes up nice but even in the wind I will feel the pull leave the kite and loose altitude. When I try to climb i can do so sometimes but mostly just sink back to earth. When I get into a hover in low wind the kite holds altitude nice but as soon as I try to figure what I was doing to maintain this, I loose it and the kite settles back to the ground. I'm using the 50# line and 2 wrap frame but still cant hold altitude in the lighter stuff.

What can I practice or watch for to maintain flight in these winds. I have watched every video I have been able to find but without hands on help my learning curve is much larger.

Thanks, Brian