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Bungie cord replacement?

29 May 2010 - 10:03 AM

Hello everyone,
Well back in the day, probably around 2001-2002, I bought 2 Revs and casually flew them. 2010 rolls around and I'm thinking its time to dust them off and try flying again. So, I went flying yesterday. After a short 3 hour session I came home to clean off some spots on the sail of my SLE and noticed that the bungiee's on one side were more stretched then the other. I tried searching and proceeded to re-knot to get the bungie tension on both sides about the same. What I was wondering was that since the elastic should degrade over time, how often should these parts be replaced? They still have some stretch but wondering if they should be replaced due to its age.
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If I should replace the bungie's, whats the best type/diameter to use? Just looking to use my Revs for a few hours every other weekend or so.