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Steep Learning Curve

17 May 2010 - 07:41 AM

Well, another brand new newby here. Never saw a "live" Rev flight, only the videos. I had eagerly awaited my Rev, as it was brought down by a friend who was visiting the States. So, off to the beach here in Mexico. Put the Rev 1.5 SLE together. Then I proceed to commit all the mistakes shown and discussed...ie, line wraps, off wind launch (attempts), over and over till I put it away and drug out my Beamer and let it drag me around as punishment....

Not having anyone with a Rev within 1,000 miles or so, I came back and read the forum. Here I found some help. I am sure I had the sticks on the wrong side. I will find out today, but in the meantime it sure is nice to be able to read the tips and so forth here in the forum. Thanks to all the other posting members for the advice.