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18 May 2010 - 06:38 PM

Hi Timo-

Welcome to the Rev Family.... aka the Darkside.

As you already know, there's tons of great info here. Also, everyone is eager to share their knowledge and experience. So, don't ever hesitate to ask questions.

Get out there and try and you'll be flying in no tme.

Since you sail, I'm guessing you understand wind. On the most basic level, Revs are about adjusting the pitch of the kite for the wind to fill the sail (loaded up) AND for all four lines to be flying the kite at all times (which keeps the kite loaded up).

Good luck and happy flying.

Thanks, and I do appreciate the info contained on the site. It really helps as there are no others in this area for "live" help. I am already hooked, now just need more flying time

In Topic: Steep Learning Curve

17 May 2010 - 06:03 PM


Stay with it, it will start to come together for you the more you fly. Coming from power kites, the Rev's can be very difficult because they are so different to fly than the power kites. With power kites it is all muscle and pull. With the Rev's it is all finesse and touch. Power kites are big cumbersome pigs up in the air that are designed to drag you around. The Rev is a delicate and finely tuned performance machine that is designed to do exactly what you tell it to. Remember that you are moving from a truck or bus to a super light weight sports car. Very small movements and quick snaps is all it takes to get the rev to fly, unlike your power kites which require huge arm movements and tons of torque. Relax your grip because the Rev can't be flown when you are squeezing the handles. Flick it around instead of trying to drive it hard. Feel the kite through the lines.

Keep with it and remember that the Rev is totally different than your power kites so you need to fly it differently. It will start to click together and when it does, it will even make your power kite flying more productive. :)

Yes, I see now what you mean. So totally different to fly. Its going to be fun. Its kind of like having a fish on, and after today's small successes, now the hook is set.

In Topic: Steep Learning Curve

17 May 2010 - 06:00 PM

Where in Mexico are you? My wife likes to visit Mexico. Maybe we can come fly with you.

Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply. We are currently in Mazatlan, but living on our sailboat. Thus, we move around some. We will be here for about 3 more weeks. Usually we are up in the Sea of Cortez this time of year, we wait out the hurricane season up there, as the risk of a direct hit is diminished. All that said, let me know if you head down this way, I would love some pointers!

Did have some success today. I had to force myself to think "depower" for stability, instead of trying to power though to adjust the flight. So, got it to go up, and down, and hold. Pretty feeble, but for me it was a thrill! Ha. So much to learn.