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Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

10 May 2010 - 10:38 PM

Last October (10/2009), as I was recovering from having gastric bypass, I came across this goofy looking kite on the web. It was called a Revolution and to me it was. I had never seen a kite be controlled in anyway beyond letting out 500 feet of static cotton line and watching a single line Deltas (those really cheap ones with the eyes on them that you can buy at convience stores) float in the sky until the wind died and then spending 10 minutes rolling up the string only to get it so tangled you throw it away. Anyhow...

I can still remember watching the vids on youtube, my favorites was this one with bugs bunny singing the barber of sevile as music at some type of competion and thinking how much fun those guys (and gals) must be having, I told myself that come summer I was going to get one. I came to this website and read it for several days and pondered as to which kite I was going to purchase, however it soon turned to winter in Colorado and the last thing on my mind was kiting. I soon forgot about this so called "revolution" and concentrated on my weight loss.....

FAST FORWARD to Mother's Day 2010 -

Its a beautiful day in Colorado Springs, CO, the best one so far this spring. The day prior, while at the gym I weighted myself and I finally exceeded my goal (220lbs was the goal, I was 216) so I was totally stoked about my sucess. My sister called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with our mother and whilst there the topic of getting a Kite and going to the park was brought up... At this point I remembered the Revolution and the dreams of the prior year. At this point I declined the park and told my sister I was going to go buy a kite, a real kite. She laughed and said good luck.

I got home and headed back to this site and started reading the forums again.... B this and 1.5 that... Rev 1 and Rev II. It all came flooding back. The DREAM! YES THE DREAM! I looked for a local kite shop and found one semi-close by on the AKA merchant website (Into the Wind) and settled on a B Series Mid Vent, as that is what everyone seemed to recommend, who am I to argue, since I know nothing of kiting beyond what I have read.

It is now monday and as I head off to work in the morning, the only real thing I planned to do all day is to purchase a kite. It seemed a little expensive (come on who spends that much money on a kite) but its the dream and it needs to be fulfilled. As the day comes to a close I soon realize I have been so busy I still have not done the one thing I wanted to do today, purchase a Kite. So as I get ready to head out the door, I quickly head to the website and purchase the Kite... I left work with the biggest grin on my face. Now at this point I have never even seen a Revolution in person, other than the stats on the website that read, wingspan 91", I truely dont know what to expect. I mean in the videos you can sometimes get "relative size" but you never truely know how big or small something is when you just see a picture of it.

Anyhow as the evening progressed and I got ready to head to the gym, I noticed that I had lost one of my workout gloves... so I head to amazon to order a new set. Whilst browsing for gloves I decided to type "Revolution" into the search and can you guess what popped up on my screen... actually it was some movie with Al Pacino, but then I typed "Revolution Kite" and this Power Blast came up as the first entry I clicked on it and the seller was Into the Wind. Before I knew it I had added it to my cart and hit the purchase button. I just told myself, you know... you were gonna buy one someday anyhow. I then headed to the gym.

As I got to the gym I realized that I had forgot to order the gloves, but what did it matter. I have, not 1, but 2 kites on the way.

I am so stoked at the moment. Granted I dont know where I am going to fly them... Bear Creak Park? Memorial Park? Cheyenne Canyon? I'm sure I will find a nice place soon enough.

First off if you read all this... Thanks.

Second I woud like to thank everyone who has posted here about buying your first Rev. You all were very very helpful with your experiences and expertise.

As I type this I am seriously considering buying a speed series kite. I noticed that they had a nice Pink one listed for the supersonics.

Well I guess this is 2 down, 9 to go, the magic number is 11 right?