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In Topic: Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

09 September 2010 - 04:31 PM

I've come to notice that there is no "perfect", unless I have just finished packing up!

In Topic: Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

09 September 2010 - 04:20 PM

kwmf (steven) and Andy S. sent you messages.

In Topic: Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

04 September 2010 - 01:23 PM

Baloo... Sorry I never got back to you,

I've been spending so much of my time outside at the parks I dont seem to get on the computer much anymore.
Since I can't go to my normal flying area today due to the holiday weekend, The Hot Air Balloons have it this weekend,
I figured I would catch up on the forums...

When I last posted I was at 12 kites... I now have 19, different styles for different days.

Revolution - 1.5 B-Series(3, Full Sail, Mid Vent, and Full Vent), Shockwave, Supersonic, Blast, PowerBlast 2-4, PowerBlast 4-8
Ozone - IMP III Quattro 1.0, IMP III Trainer 1.5
HQ - Rush III Pro 350, Beamer IV 3.0
Flexifoil - Blade II 9.0, Blade III 4.9(2), Blade III 10.5, Blade IV 4.0, Blade IV 4.9
Peter Lynn - Twister II 5.6

With so many kites to choose from, it started to become a chore to bring them all to the park and as much as I like to fly all of them,
I've come to notice that I truely favor 2 of them.

For some reason I always seem to have the Blast and a Blade III 4.9 with me whereever I am. They are two totally different styles
of kite and each brings a smile to my face for a different reason.

I love the Blast for its control... It may not be as fast as the shockwave, but it gives me that "pull" that I love without me worrying
about being over-powered even in strong winds. Since the control is "delicate" shall we say compared to a foil, I am usually more
relaxed when I'm flying it. I've noticed more people will come up and talk to me when I am flying the Blast so it really is a SOCIAL kite.
I get more adults approching me and asking me about the Blast and wanting to try it. (Kent, I always direct them to you!!!)

The Blade is just a different monster, since this is the Rev forum I wont get into it to much, but suffice to say, I'm usually more focused
when I'm flying it, due to its lifty nature I've noticed that most people will give it a "wider" birth or are a little leary when its in the air
as they are not quite sure what a "parachute" is doing attached to lines. (I've been told this on a few occasions) It seems to draw
children more, as I think they just see a large kite in the sky and get excited.

With winter approacing, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do now... I HATE the cold so I think snow kiting is out... I guess I may
just have to get that ZEN thats been calling my name and try my hand at indoor flying.... See that would make it 20 kites this season!

Good winds,


In Topic: Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

15 June 2010 - 08:35 AM

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to everyone who has helped me recently in my kiting endevor.

Kent at A Wind of Change has been awesome and very very helpful. I would highly recommend his business. He has taken lots and lots of time to speaking with me on the phone about my kite purchases. His knowledge has helped me tremendously in getting started.

Lolly at Revolution has also been very helpful in solving a few issues that arose.

Also to all the people I have met at the parks and fields I have been flying in, thank you all for being so personable and open with your knowledge.

I now officially have 12 kites in my collection, I guess that means the Dark side has engulf me.

Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to one day meeting you all.


In Topic: Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

20 May 2010 - 11:01 AM

Well its been approx. 2 weeks since I purchased my first 2 kites and have been having so much fun I have decided to purchase 2 more.

The B- Series is nice almost feels like the "cadillac" of kites after I fly the 2-4. It is very smooth and I can already see improvements with my control of it.

I really really like the Power Blast 2-4 so much so that I have decided to get a 4-8. I wish I could say my control was coming along as fast as the B-Series as I just like to put it in is power zone and let it pull me across the park, but I guess that is the point right?

I would also like to get a speed series, but this is where I need some input Shockwave or Supersonic? What is the real difference?

I will be placing my order for these as soon as my membership with the AKA comes though (gotta support the sport)...

This will put me at 4 (possibly 5) kites and the need to get a bag... So last question - will the "Rev Bag" fit all of these kites? I know it says there is "extra room" for a blast, but I will have 2 blasts and before I spend the money I would like to know that I will be able to fit all my toys in one spot.

Thanks for the input


EDIT: After talking to Kent @ A Wind of Change I think I have decided on a Supersonic and the 4-8. He was VERY helpful in answering all my questions. Thanks again....