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Low Wind Flyers

11 April 2010 - 05:04 AM

Hi guys..

Been lurking here for a while and try to absorb as many info as i can.

Ive been flying powerkite for 4 yrs. Its my truly passion.
At this moment im down with knee fractured due to jumping accident with my powerkite. :blushing:

So I wanted to slow down on my powerkite and thought of getting REV.
Im flying inland and the wind at this moment, hit 1-5mph gusty.

After read alot of u guys posts and comments on this forum, and sleepless nights too, at last i bought B-series over SUL. B)

I understand, B-series will not perform well as SUL in low wind. (correct me if im wrong)
So I would like to set my Rev as lighter as possible. My setting now is 2 wrap spars and lines of 90# x 85'..

If I intend to get another lines specially for flying at above wind speed, what specs of line do u suggest?

- 90# x 50'
- 50# x 85' or
- 50# x 50'

I also understand that Race rods will help bring the Rev weight down, but unfortunately, i dont have budget for it. Maybe next time ard.. or maybe I should forget about buying another lines and go straight for race rods. Your thoughts pls..

If you have any other suggestion, pls shoot.

Thanks in advance.