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14 April 2010 - 04:56 AM


An I only have, well lets say more than 10 Revs. Just in case anyone important is watching. :kid_devlish:


i like ur statement.. hahaha

In Topic: Low Wind Flyers

13 April 2010 - 05:16 PM

Baloo.. thx.. :)

We r not serious flyer.. only fly on weekends for ard 2hrs..
so 2nd hand's kite should do good enough for us.. will have a look out ;)
hope we will enjoying flying the rev as we are always enjoying flying the powerkite..

Will try to meetup with some guys flying the rev soon.. Now, we r having wet weather.. and the air is so still..:blink:

As for my knee.. still doing some stretching and stuff, coz my knee could not bend much.. thx bro

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13 April 2010 - 12:14 AM

Guys.. thx for ur thoughts, suggestions and comments

Baloo.. Im thinking of EXP (coz of price wise) for my kid, so we can fly together.. I do understand that EXP's sail is heavier than B-series..
but if with 2 wraps, it can fly in lower wind range, i would like to get it.

Thx for the wishes... my leg's cast were removed last month and my knee still stiff.. but heck, still enjoying flying the REV.

REVflyer.. Its an eye-opener reading ur post..
I hope i will able to execute all the moves u mentioned, in the future..

SUL/B-series/Zen is out of my reach.. :huh:

In Topic: Low Wind Flyers

12 April 2010 - 12:22 AM

Hi eishei,

I fly an unmodded full sail B-Series (with Race Rods) in anything from street kiting to around 9mph before I switch to a full-vent. A big part of what keeps me flying in low/no wind days is my 90# x 30' line set. A 50' line set will work great as well. I wouldn't recommend using 50# line though. The 50# can get itself into knots a bit easier than the 90# line. Plus, if you were to go with the 90# not only can you use it in light wind, but whenever you are short on space.

The largest contributer to light wind flying is practice. It takes quite a bit of technique, and that is what will make the difference. If you are a subscriber to kitelife.com, John B. has a great light-wind tutorial showing some light-wind techniques to get you started.

Watty.. million thx for the advice.. will get the race rods first before the lines then..

My kid of 16yrs seem like enjoying the REV too.. he's ok with forward reverse brake and basic stuff. Our only problem is, we fly REV like we fly powerkite.. thus alot of crashes... we need to be be gentle on the hands movement with the handles.. :wacko:
So I would like to buy a REV EXP for him at later date.

Question.. Does the spars from EXP interchangeable with B-series?
I intend to fit 2 wrap spar on EXP and RR for my B-series. Will the EXP flyable in lower wind?

TIA again..