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John Dvoracek

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12. Inverted Snap Spin

06 March 2012 - 02:54 PM

The flying techniques series on the Rev home page overwhelmed me when I first started flying, and I forgot it was even there. Instead I found a number of You tube videos and the tutorials on the Kitelife pages, especially those by Barresi. However, I've rediscovered this resource, and I'm working through it. I still can't do clockwork for beans, but one practice skill that is starting to help is doing snap turns starting inverted and finishing inverted as well as starting 90 or 270 degrees from horizontal and finishing the same way. Thanks to Rev crew for these.

Weight matters - which Rev?

27 October 2011 - 11:43 AM

Time to try stacking (3), but which Rev? I weighed a couple of my kites:

1.5 Barresi with 3-wrap frame: 224 grams (7 & 7/8 oz)
1.5 SLE with SLE spar: 274 grams (9 & 5/8 oz)

The 1.5 B is almost 2 oz (24%) lighter than SLE with SLE spar, but I can buy 3 SLE's matching in stock and less expensive. I know a stack is a compromise of compromises, but any thoughts on 1.5B's vs SLE's HUGELY appreciated.

It's been suggested to lighten the back two SLE's using a lighter spar and maybe even the front SLE using a 4 wrap regular spar. Surely that will par some weight.

Thanks in advance.

John, TX

Gold vs silver spars

07 October 2011 - 04:34 PM

I (briefly) flew my 1.5 SLE in wind more gusty than I realized. Can I replace the "Ultralight" gold label vertical spar I snapped with an "Ultralight" silver label spare from my 1.5 B? There is about 1/8 inch length difference which is probably insiginificant aerodynamically. The gusts were so bad I ended up flying my full mesh, and I kick myself in retrospect. Thanks in advance, John