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B-Series Mod???

15 December 2010 - 01:32 PM

Ok so I'm getting ready to go Treasure Island for the festival and looking at my B-Series rainbow color full vent kite hanging on my wall. I'm thinking man do I need to get a no vent and and a mid vent for the festival? So I shop around and the best I can do is $299 each for the two kites.

Well it hits me..... I have some 1/2 inch wide velcro that has a very strong holding power, leftover from another project, what if I sewed this onto the kite around the vents and made some panels to fit over the vents. I could switch venting on my kite for any wind condition along with different rod choices of course. I think the added weight would be nothing and the verticle support provided by the velcro strips with or without panels added should benefit flite performance.

I would place it on the front so that the wind pressure would help hold the panels on.

before I do this though my question is has anyone tried this idea yet? If so what happened? If not do you think it's plausible.


Told ya I was gonna move!

10 December 2010 - 08:48 AM

OK I did it! Could not take Minnesota anymore so I moved to Florida. I'm in Gainesville and I really want to get to Flagler beach and start flying or any other area. Is there anyone out there close to me who is willing to fly with a newbie? You don't have to be Rev flier I also have single and a dual line kite. I've only flown the rev about 5 times but hey I'm getting the hang of it. I own 2 rev 1.5 SLE's( I want to stack them) and 1 John Barresi Signature Series. Come summer I wouldn't mind traveling down to Daytona to fly. Now I have to go update my info at the AKA site so they stick me in the right region. Later

Two different kites??????

14 April 2010 - 01:47 PM

When deciding to buy a kite I went to the list of dealers listed at the revkites.com site.

I bought the same kite Revolutin 1.5 SLE from two differeny places.
When the second one arrived was I surprised!

The first kite came from Into the Wind.

The second kite came from A Wind of Change.

The first kite the support lines to stop rips built into the sail is about a half an inch apart on the second it's maybe an eighth of an inch. Look close at the first picture.
Shows up in the red area.

The first kite just says Revolution 1.5

The second says Revolution 1.5 SLE
The second kite also has a patch on the bottom corner stating it's a Revolution kite and is far far better made kite.

Both kites were $199 and included handles.

Into the Wind said they will take a return on the kite.

Whats up the same kite two different models I don't understand?

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Wish List

11 April 2010 - 08:25 AM

Ok I'm new to rev flying but already the mind is thinking of what kind of rev I would want.

I want a solid white rev 1.5 with the logo on the back.

So I can paint it myself.

RevKites could then hold a contest for best disign judged by other rev flyers.

It could also be used for commercial purposes. Rev kites flying at an event with a message on them.
This would allow Rev addicts to make some money doing what they love to do and then buy more Rev stuff.
Of course the advertising would have to be done in some sort of removable or eraseable medium.

well just my thoughts.

Jumped the Gun

07 April 2010 - 03:56 PM

My rev came in the mail today............
Ok I slammed the dvd, did a dry run on setup in the house, ran to the closest park and tried to fly my rev 1.5 SLE.

Well lets just say the wind wasn't cooperating blew like crazy while I laid the lines and put the kite together.
I ran back to the controls grabbed them jerked and she flew like a dream straight up Yea! Got to the top she did a right turn
and flew straight down. Then the wind died got gusty came from every point of the compass and did it's best to screw me.

Well after many attempts to get airbourne I gave up and rolled up the line. Wouldn't you know it as soon as I had the kite kite back in the bag
the wind came back nice and steady and blew only from one direction. Well I wasn't biting went home and got my rev fix from youtube.
But just wait until friday when I'm off work.

I do have some questions though
1. What should the bridal look like when the end caps are placed in the rods? pics would help.
2. Do I have to measure my lines to make sure there the right length? Scratch that will measure them on Friday.
3. Do I need to check the bridal to make sure it's set up right and what the margin of error on it?
4. Whats with the wind I'm looking out the window and it's blowing perfect. But I know what will happen the second the rev's out of it's bag.

Well thats all I got for today will keep ya updated on my further adventures.
I should probably add that this is my first stunt kite and the journey should if nothing be humorous.