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In Topic: Neos Omega 4 Sale - Anyone interested?

12 June 2010 - 08:31 AM

old thread here on this topic and batch of 'prototypes' sold a few years ago...



In Topic: To See Or Not To See.........

20 April 2010 - 10:33 AM

I have the solution. Fly in Seattle or the UK
The sun isn''t a problem there!
Clouds are always in the way LOL


notice where the op is located?

i lived in seattle for many years

and it could have been an urban myth,

but the local history was that MORE sunglasses were sold per capita in seattle

than any place else in the usa, except for socal.

and it was very common to see folks driving in the totally grey daze or high noon darkness, headlights on...

while wearing dark glasses and mainlining caffeine.


In Topic: To See Or Not To See.........

20 April 2010 - 06:20 AM

Oakely all following are 9 percent
Black iridium Polarized
Gold iridium Polarized
Ice iridium Polarized

ooops! my bad, 9% is good.

other things worth noting for the op...

-none of the REALLY DARK (5-10%) lens should be used for DRIVING or other vision critical tasks.

-none of the REALLY DARK (5-10%) lens allow one to look DIRECTLY at the sun.

even brief gazes directly at the yellow ball can cause permanent eye damage.


In Topic: To See Or Not To See.........

19 April 2010 - 06:31 PM

... Unfortunately, flying higher forces me to look directly at the sun which is obviously bad...

hi chris

most modern lens materials are good at blocking UV (a,b,c)...

but it's important to have a snug fitting frame/lens to take full advantage of this.

looking DIRECTLY at or near the sun is still an issue.

for that application minimal light transmission is also important.

so look for lens that block 90-95% of ALL light or only allow 5-10% transmission.

for example 'glacier' style lens would be good, but ANY lens with minimal light transmission is good.

oakley, unfortunately doesn't make ANY lens with less than 10% light transmission and most of their lens are 15-25%

this is FINE for active sports but not ideal for gazing DIRECTLY toward/near the yellow ball or with a LOT of reflected light.

polarization is nice (and it makes the polycarbonate coated sails LOOK cool) and so are blue or gold coatings when near WATER.

there are lens that ADJUST DARKNESS based on how bright it is (bolle' modulator is one example)

and some of those block 93% of visible light at the max while dropping to 80% blocking when the light is less intense.

it's probably best to have more than one pair or multiple lens for use in a variety of conditions.


In Topic: Using the Search function

18 April 2010 - 10:40 AM

happy to see this is helpful!

normally i LIKE searching within forum software, where one can limit the search to titles or a given subforum or member posts...

for common or mega hit searches those are great ways to winnow the results.

the "under 4 letters" thing is annoying and single term searches are often a limitation.

searching from outside the site/forum can be very easy using the "site:" operator...

for example try the original search at the kitelife site...

"long lines" site:kitelife.com

about 60 hits, and many rev related, but not all.

technically to JUST search the forum area only these 2 searches should be site:revkites.com/forum or site:kitelife.com/forum

but the results are basically the same on these 2 sites.

the "site:" operator can be used for ANY website (not just forums) or can be used to OMIT everything from any 1 site...

for example "revolution kites" -site:ebay.com (add the MINUS sign) yields everything rev kite related WITHOUT ebay....Posted Image

so virtually ANY website can be completely searched for REV related content using the proper search term and the essential part of the site url...

"www." can be included but, again isn't usually needed.

and the QUOTES mean results will on be both/all terms IN SEQUENCE....

for example "i want to buy a revolution kite" has NEVER been posted here...

while the SAME terms without quotes gets 2000 hits (buy, kite, revolution, want)

and "buy a revolution kite" has 2 hits (and IF a post is QUOTED, it will show up as 2 HITS)

have fun searching with this simple trick!