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Laurel's Blog > :(

Posted 30 June 2011

I had some cumputer isues and haven't been on in awhile...I'm on my dad's cumputer now and probly won't be able to update this much...Anyway. I'm selling braclets and if anyone wants one I'll be at wskf.For now (or awhile) I'm sining off...

Laurel's Blog > Home

Posted 01 June 2011

Well I'm home again...Wildwood was fun, I totaly messed up my indoor comp. but the pairs demo with my dad went really really well.I'm home now And I'm prepairing for the most borring summer ever...Bu I'm shure I'll find something to do. There's never wind in the sumer here so LOTS of indoor flying...For now I'm signing off...

Laurel's Blog > A start at Wildwood

Posted 28 May 2011

I don't realy know why I'm doing this, or how to. So I'm at wildwood and I'm staring a blog. Me and my dad did an indoor demo and I totaly messed up the timing. Oh well. Anyway.And for now I'm signing off...