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Posted by SynTaks on 08 June 2010 - 02:57 PM

Hi all, I'm curious to hear back...

1. Has Rev flying been therapeutic to you, with regard to existing injuries or health issues?

2. Have you found Rev flying provides you with beneficial calasthenics or exercise?

I just noticed this thread, so had to reply, as I've mentioned it in my latest post HERE ...

In 2004 I was in an auto accident. I ended up with pretty serious spine and nerve injuries out of it. I have also been diagnosed with fibro myalgia and have some arthritis in my neck, elbows and shoulders. I was pretty much set on having to take huge amounts of pain meds (15mg of oxycodone 4x a day is pretty extensive.) and physical therapy for the rest of my life. I'm also a whiner. I hate just about everything and everyone...lol (I'm the non paid version of Lewis Black.) I spent almost all my time sitting in front of a computer, or laying in bed.

In July of 2008, my wife (my better 3/4) and I happened across the only kite shop in Alaska and I bought a prism Quantum dual line kite. I fought long and hard to learn how to get that thing in the air, let alone fly it, as the launching of a dual line kite is the one movement I just can't do without causing extreme pain.

During our search for new kites, my wife happened across a demo video for the rev. We were, understandably, quite in awe, and I made the decision to nab one of those weird kites, which we did in September.

I have been sitting out with my now various 1.5 revs since then. Just about every day...just about all day. Rain or shine, 70 degrees or -35 degrees. I am now the president of AlasKiters, (the state kite club) and have gotten pretty decent with the rev, though we're limited on people coming to our events from outside the state, so I think I've gotten as far as I'm going to get as far as tricking goes. We have been the reason that many people up here have bought revs. The store has a couple, but none of the people there really fly them much. We are now begining to start a rev team, even if we only have a few people anywhere near as obsessed with them as I am.

At the time we got our first revs, I was going to phyiscal therapy 3 times a week and weighed 352 pounds, along with the pain meds...

I no longer need the physical therapy, because flying the revs is pretty much the exact same movements. I weigh, today, 246 pounds, and I have cut my pain meds in half.

I know this might sound sappy, or even tacky to some, but to me, the revs have saved my life. My better 3/4 complains that I stay out flying too much, and I complain that she doesn't come out enough, but overall it has been a good thing.

The only thing missing is a TENS unit powered by my rev... :P