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Taks' Blog > Wind dies

Posted 19 February 2010

You go out to fly. There's great wind, so you get out your gear, run the lines, assemble and attach your kite...You get back and pick up the handles......and the wind dies. :kid_cussing:Does this ever happen to you? It happens almost every day to me. It is the Anch-Morpork wind on average. I've often considered simply camping out and catching that...

Taks' Blog > Feb 18, 2k10

Posted 18 February 2010

Forecast: " Northeast wind 10 to 15 mph except east 40 to 55 mph along Turnagain Arm and higher elevations"I added that because they haven't been right for weeks. They get the wind right everywhere except in Anch-Morpork. Last night's forecast said "variable 5 to 15" ... Right now the wind is swapping North to South every few minut...

Taks' Blog > Days worthy of blog entries...

Posted 14 February 2010

Days worthy of blog entries...There are some days that are just run of the mill... some you want to cuss at the wind more than anything else.... and others you can't stop thinking about.Wednesday the 10th found us out in Palmer shopping around the typical places to fly, which there are a multitude of out there, but it is a matter of what is accessible...