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Shockwave assembly doubt

12 December 2009 - 07:06 PM

I'm a happy owner of EXP, SLE and I got myself a shockwave not so long time ago. When I assemble it I assume vertical spars go behind the sail and Rev logo is on the left side facing lines/handles/pilot. The doubt is when I put the vertical spars on the lines/handles/pilot side the sail is nicely flat, if I put the spars behind sail the top spar connectors and the rubber connecting them to the sail/spar bend the sail into a wing profile a bit, not flat and it looks as it's not the intended setup. The rubber string attaching connectors to the sail/spar has knots so it doesn't allow the connectors to move onto back side of sail without bending the sail.
Since I bought the kite not new it might be the first owner playing with it or it might be the right setup and my concerns are not valid. I couldn't find a hi-res picture on the net that would sort it out so here I am with question. Ideas?