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#65451 The humble ground stake

Posted by Guru4tru on 02 February 2010 - 05:54 PM

Well, I'm not sure what snow is, don't get much of that in Florida, but I've found the cone idea pretty good for clearing people away from where you want to fly!! :crazy:

I make my stakes out of 3/8" alum., drill a hole in the top and put on a cabinate knob from Lowes and a key snap to hook it on my belt.

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#65395 Angry People!!

Posted by Guru4tru on 31 January 2010 - 08:41 PM

As I mentioned...I haven't met a kiter I didn't like, nor that I didn't feel liked me too!! Not a one!! We all shared the same interest. I'm into kiting and the future of kiting is important to me. But when I receive honest e-mails from people concerned about me and warning me about the "bad guys" in the sport.....
Then I just Shine a Light on it...I make it public!

If it is false, no one is hurt and all become more aware...

If it is true, then the "bad guys" will run...and will know that we are aware!
Other then my looking like a fool, which I probably am (heehee), it's a "no lose" to just tell the truth of my experiences.

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#65382 Angry People!!

Posted by Guru4tru on 31 January 2010 - 03:30 PM

Hi Fellow Kiters,

As a relative newcomer to Kiting and active in forums, I have received enough personal e-mails, from concerned people, warning me about the “downside” of kiting…as if to protect me from the “bad guys”, that I thought I say a word on the subject. [Note: the word “guys” refers to both sexes as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.]

First off let me mention that…I haven’t met a single person in “kiting” yet, that I didn’t like and respect…and that I didn’t think the feeling was mutual, even though in comparison I am a newcomer to the sport. So then, I really don’t know what they are talking about. But then my experience has been very limited, in kiting, to the AKA forum, the Kitelife forum and the TISKC (Treasure Island Sports Kite Competition) which I recently attended. But, I’m sure there are some “bad actors” in kiting, just as in anything else…I just haven’t run across any of them in the places I’ve been.

But I know…”Kiting” doesn’t make “angry people”, but there are probably some “angry people” that fly kites. Just as in any other art form that requires self discipline, perseverance and skill. Like as in the martial arts…The martial arts does not make people “angry” fighters. On the contrary, a black belt (those that are really accomplished in their art) is usually wrapped around a peaceful loving person, who rarely ever has, or wants, to fight! And when they have to fight…”anger” never takes part in anything that is going down.

Any person that has “anger” when kiting, whether in a “group fly” or in “competition” or within the “politics” that sometimes occurs with groups…brought that “anger” to the table on their own…”Kiting” Does Not make “angry people”!

So, how should an “angry person” be dealt with, becomes the question. The saying that, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch” is true when it comes to apples, but we aren’t apples…we are people…”people” who this “kiting thing” is really important to and we are “people” that don’t want to throw any other “people”, or bad apples, away!

The answer is very simple…”Anger” is simply “FEAR”! If someone is “angry”…find out what they are “afraid” of…and take that “fear” away from them!! This is the responsibility of anyone that loves kiting to all other kiters, no matter what their actions are!
And what gives me the right to even speak on this subject when I am fairly new to Kiting?…Simply put “I Love Kiting and I Love People” and “fear” isn’t going to part of my world!

And for the “angry people” who may take offence to what I have just said and may challenge my right to say it (as a newbie, so to speak) let me mention that, I was a machine gunner in Vietnam, but I never fired a shot in “anger”, only out of duty and honor to my country. And now 35, or so, years later I have the same values as I did back then and no one is going to be “angry” around me without my trying to help to take that “fear” away from them!!

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