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In Topic: Road tripping with my Mother

06 October 2010 - 04:05 PM

The wind in Vegas is fairly light this time of year, but you are always welcome to stop by our Friday Night Fun Fly. If your in the area let me know and I would love to go fly with ya!

give me the info as to when and were for Friday nights... I suspect she will want to take 89 north from flagstaff if we go to Salt Lake City but you never know when you are on a road trip with my mom ;)

In Topic: How long before it stays airborne?

29 September 2010 - 06:23 AM

the time it takes to learn quads is a little different for everyone.. your 'learning to drive' analogy is very good.. how long before you could keep it between the lines, how long before you could drive with out tension in your neck and mild panic in your head.. I have had my rev for almost a year and even though I can tell it where to go and it does.. I cant always stop on a dime and back up as smooth as team flyers... inverted low glides are hard, I don't "own my hover" yet... so I know I am better but I know I have a lot to learn.. I can 'drive the car' but I am not ready for formula one racing yet.. :kid_smartass:


26 September 2010 - 07:46 PM

I didn't make it the first time I tried... nor the second... etc.

its worth it in the end my friend.. keep trying (you too Bazzer

In Topic: Revs Military Family

23 September 2010 - 05:52 PM

Welcome home and thank you for your time in...

In Topic: Rev 1.5 SUL wind range ?

18 September 2010 - 10:29 AM

Hi !

I'm living in France and I bought a revolution exp and it's great but i'am looking for a lighter kite because I'm not practicing on the beach.

Do you know the wind range of the Rev 1.5 SUL ?

Thanks again for your answer !


welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of quad kites...

If I had the money I would look at a zen for low wind. the SUL has a lighter Leading Edge and bridle lines (if I am not mistaken) so IMHO it is not that much lighter than the SLE .. the key is the 2 wrap or race rods being lighter..
I know the seasoned experts will chime in with opinions based on more experience but my lurking and dreaming has concluded that a standard SLE with 2 wraps and 3 wraps will serve you better because you can put the lighter rods in for low wind and put the heavier rods in for higher winds..

at that point one is thinking the B series that comes with two sets of rods is not such a bad deal.. arguably better sail design, two sets of rods and It seams to me every one eventualy buys the B series standard and full vent (race, 2, 3 and 4 wrap) before its all over so you might as well take the plunge and skip the middle men..
then your EXP is for converting new victoms to the dark side :kid_devlish:

if John could clarify something he said at MOTS in Milwaukee about race rods verses 2 wraps.. I think he said the race rods are about the same weight as the 2 wraps, strong as the 3 wraps but not as stiff as the 3 wraps?? this leaves me (mr no budget) wondering if I would be better served with race or 2 wraps to complement my SLE with 3 wraps.. either one could be slipped in with the 3 wraps for heavy winds but I suspect my next sail will have venting and 4 wraps for the high wind issue..