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Old Rev kite

24 November 2009 - 09:45 PM

My father was an avid kite flyer. He got me into the hobby a little bit, but i never had the time to get serious.
He had a Revolution, Skyraker, Stacker and a Lite Flite (the only name i'm sure of is the Revolution!).

Anyway, Dad passed away about 2 years ago and i came across his kites.
I'm interested in flying the Revolution (and the others but i know this is a Rev forum :sly: ).
I dont know anything about the Rev other than it looks like it's in good shape and i have the "handles"(sp?). unfortunately there is no line, no manuals...nothing.
These kites are about 10 -15 years old.

Any advice on lines? knots? model #? spare parts availability?
What should l look for in the frame and sail(sp?) to make sure it's safe and flyable?
How can i determine which model it is? I may just sell it, it seems VERY complicated!

Thanks in advance for any help!!