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26 November 2009 - 01:27 PM

Thanks for all the replys!

I'm in Brick NJ. Yes, the beautiful NJ shore (2 miles from the ocean). We usually have lots or wind, unfortnately the beaches have been hammered by the last nor'easter to pulll through, so i'll probably have to find someplace else to fly like a school or park. (but i havent looked at the closest beaches so maybe i'll get luck)

Someone said post a pic, and i'd love to, but how the heck do I assemble this beast? (links pleaes?) It probabaly looks worse than it really is.
Also since i have the handles, can i buy just the lines already setup? My time is limited and i'd rather spend it flying than assembling. (links again?)

I have the lines for the Skyraker and i'm thinking of giving that a try tomorrow. It's supposed to be windy. I have flown "2 line" kites before, but for some reason Dad would never let me fly the Rev! (go figure!).

Anyway, thanks again!