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first outing

01 December 2009 - 02:38 AM

day one,,,,

met up with BIG BRI on sunday up ashurst beacon, he kindly gave me the two revs he had promised and we met up about 11.30..

first lesson was how to stake up, unwind the lines and set up the kite,,,

quick idiots guide from BRI n i was up :) n down n up n down...... one of his remarks was "good FLASHING!!!!!" HE SAYS ITS A HYBRID OF FLYING/CRASHING :)

big lad then made some fine adjustments to the handles ( dunno what he did to be honest) but is seened a lot easyer to control and i felt like i was sort of telling the kite what to do as opposed to the other way round :)

straight launch up n down n hold were not bad after a while ( well in my opinion ha ha)

out again tomorow weather permitting trying to sort out the "own thy hover!!"

cheers bri n cheers kev for loan o kites.....