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#65968 Relaunching

Posted by vwbrian on 11 February 2010 - 03:56 PM

Here is a good description of relaunch after a crash.

"Ok, the kite is still belly down, LE toward you. Doesn't matter which hand you start with but gently tug the top line. Which ever hand you tug on, that side of the kite should slide toward you. Keep doing that till you can see the end of the end cap. Stop tugging on that hand. With the other hand, pull those lines strait, but not tight. Now gently tug on the brake line of that hand.
When done right this method spins the whole kite 180 degrees and when it pops up ready to fly it's inverted. Get the hang of this and you won't have to make that last trip back out to set the kite up. Comes in handy in cutting the walks of shame down a bit in other situations too Posted Image I'd of given up trying to learn the dive stop axle if I'd of had to walk out after all my failed attempts.

Dean :blushing: "