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26 September 2009 - 03:35 AM

B) cool, now we are talking same stuff :wub:

thanks for big response and helpfully links.

but, most wrote same,,, this flys smother AS.. or faster AS... :wacko:

and sorry an `96 horizont vented rev, and a newer vertical vented are not same kites,
so it says nothing about all caraters only from venting direction...
/ and most time diffrent pilots talking about her impressions.

perhaps it will be time for a rev-caracters list?

this means not only "flys from wind 3-5, ..smooth, ..fast.."

i think about a figures list & more too!

so under kite rev training are nice figures, skills...

perhaps it will be cool, if all kinds of rev, and all kinds of venting, can come up into one perfect "ISO" listing?

table headlines:
// modellname / size wide / size high / compleate mē / vented mē / unvented mē / ventdirection / weight / wind2fly (min max opt)/ wrist power by wind (min max opt) / frame / frameweight / frontfly / backfly / sidefly / techniques1 / techniques2 / ... / ... / specilys / forgotten field1...picture.. //

and other direction

rev I frame 1 nonvented ... ... ...
rev I frame 2 nonvented
rev I frame 1 midvented

rev II
rev II
..... and so frar..

shure, big list, but if a jury of pilots will make this, so alltime same pilots, same places, same windkind...
THEN it will be a cool helpfuly table ...

so if people having a new vent design, thy send it to jury or project team, thy fly it, and add to list... ? (just one way, idea..)
// build some handgrips with "scales" inside, to meshure the power of all 4 lines permanent... digital scales.. in kombination with wind messure datas..on a laptop... and videostream... put some special video analytics points on all rev corners...//

on the way, i found some nice webtools, colourizer 4 kites, kitegames... but all semi professional...
im wondering a bit, so i know in worldwide rev comunity are a lot of aerospace designers, coder, it profs, art, designers.... tonns of output...

normaly, ALL kinds of sport, from tennis till surfing is on market for good gaming (playstation)
and lot of them have cunstruction and simulation versions too....

so perhaps, a professional rev table can be build the first ground data layer for revolution game... ?

to get a lot of test kites 4 testing...
..needs only the fact, best kites come into the game, and designers face will be add as game pilots 4 gaming... :blink:

In Topic: Vent direction

25 September 2009 - 07:47 AM

noooo ... i like all ways to fly :-)

BUT the effect from airstrem passing vent, is bigger if kite is fast.

and backfly is not so fast, so from tecnical side, the effect can be formd to optimized anything....

perhaps A = better controling and faste in normal flight / less controling and not so fast backfly...

perhaps V ... other direction ...

perhaps round O = makes anything...

perhps build venting by using a shotgun, = stable flyght direction sidewards ....

so thats what i asked!

// u know, normaly people cry loud if thy have a hole in her kite... so a vent system can do mouch things..

perhaps the outstreming air can be used for handling ....

perhaps build behind the vent a secondary nylon shurface that form the airstrem output ....

In Topic: Vent direction

25 September 2009 - 07:07 AM

;) shure...,
<<< sorry i typed... "longTime" .. for kite professionals like you, is longime same kite perhaps only half year :-(
so corect ...i fly rev 15 years now too... and shure, not only my old selfbuild rev :wub: )

i only think, the direction of vent profile can be used to give special flight caracters...

and did u fly backway same speed like frontway? / normaly not...

so that effect we talking is more, bigger in normal flight direction!

that brings a look on the other side,

if the effect is on backfly not so imortend, then it can optimized for frontfly?? :blushing:

// speed, controling..all this will be cangend.. not only speed... //

...a kite simulation tool will be fine... http://en.wikipedia....ane_(simulator)

In Topic: Vent direction

25 September 2009 - 02:34 AM

High Brain,

thanks 4 fast response...

But youre answer dosent match to one of my three questionmarks :wacko: