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Useing 3p skyshark rods for leading edge and vert spars

27 September 2009 - 11:04 PM

I have a question ...

I've been ghosting on this forum for a while and never seen anything on this ... I have a revolution 1.5 SLE that i fly here at my house that has had the standard 3 wrap Ultra light framing in it ..

My buddy has a rev 1.5 Sle with race rods in it ... the thing is the race rods really agreed with me and upon inspection appeared to be the same size and roughly the same weight as some extra skyshark 3p's that i have laying around ...

I've already flown it with the skyshark 3p's in it and has the same feel as my buddys kite with the race rods.. even feels like it flies better in lighter winds with these skyshark 3p rods ..

so my question is are these skyshark 3p rods close to the same as what race rods are ? I know race rods are wrapped in 2p but with the strength of 3 p already ..
I plan on using the skyshark for the lighter winds and the standard framing for the heavier wind stuff ...Least till i can afford the race rods ... So far the skyshark 3p's have worked in winds from 0-10 mph with no problems just looking to make sure im not gonna butcher my kite up and that im not just imagining my kite is flying better in lower winds with these skyshark rods in ....

anyone know the weight of the race rods vs. the skyshark 3p's ?