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In Topic: SF Bay Area

22 October 2009 - 09:45 AM

Any one in the San Ramon Area flying revs?

In Topic: Photos of your B-series Pros

07 October 2009 - 06:42 PM

Me flying at Berkeley My New Pro

In Topic: Photos of your B-series Pros

05 October 2009 - 07:21 PM

My New Rasta Pro

In Topic: B Series VS B Series Pro

22 September 2009 - 11:16 AM

Hi Chris.
The flight characteristics of the B Pro IS the difference. Let alone the colour choices.
The general B Series kite is a extremely good machine and if this is your first purchase I would suggest cutting your teeth on a B series.
The B series package gives you extra spars and longer knotted handles and is fantastic entry kite.

So why the Pro series?
This came about because the factory Team, iQuad, wanted something even better.
During the many hours of flying we noticed many things about the flight characteristics on the B series that weren't constant across the team kites. Also we wanted our own colouration on the sail
So a many prototypes later the B Pro was born. The first B Pro sail was sewn by me and finished at the factory and we had issues with a few things. So Ben said "Bazzer you make them how you want them". That led to the Leading edge and Trailing edge changes.
All of the changes have now produced the B Pro 2009.
Smoother in flight in forward and reverse and a better loading of the sail has been achieved from these changes.
The leading edge fraying issue also was resolved and over all the kite is more durable to the rigors of team flying.

People keep saying it just feels better.
Actually the main responses so far over the last year from experienced pilots have been.."Wooow" and "Oh my God".
They don't want to go back to their regular B's after flying the Pros.

So my advice to anyone starting in this pastime?
B series full sail , Mid vent and Vented. Buy good line. Laser Pro is the best.
Learn to fly, knock the stuffing out of them. Bang them into the dirt and each other.
Learn wind speed and when to change spars.
Build up you experience and knowledge.
Learn the craft from people just like you on this forum. No question is considered dumb. We all have to learn from somewhere.
Then sell/pass on your B series to a new flier and buy a set of B Series Pros.
You will then be in a position to truly understand the differences.
Also you make the entry level to new flier a lower price. Share the love.

For me however. Give me the Sports car over the Ford Focus every time. But of course the only reason that I can drive Sports car is I learnt to drive in the Focus.
Chicken and egg.
You buy a Fiberglas fishing rod and simple reel when you learn to fish. Then you buy a carbon rod and a beter reel when you have decide this is for you.
Or you just spend your money once wisely the first time.
No man walks in another mans shoes. Do whats right for you.

Saying all that, there is a reason that so many of the top teams in the world fly the Pros.
It isn't just hype.


Thanks Baz
I actually just put in my order for the Pro Rasta black with full vent from the kite shoppe. Theresa said it should take a a couple weeks for you to get that finished. I know it'll be beautiful. Thank You

In Topic: B Series VS B Series Pro

21 September 2009 - 05:08 PM

OOps didnt mean to add 2 new topics