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New Standard B1.5 - Some Questions

25 August 2009 - 11:45 AM

Hi all,

This my first post so here goes.

Just bought a standard B series, having got used to an EXP for a while. Just a couple of questions before I go for a first flight.

The package came with an LPG lineset and I'm trying to work out how to set them up. There is one winder (I normally use two) with both pairs wound on. They came loosely paired red together and black together. On each coloured pair one line has two black marks about 4" long on it near the sleeving and the other line has only one black mark. Now logic tells me that all lines should be equal (I will check this though) and it doesn't matter where I attach them. On the DVD, John attaches the black lines to the bottom and red to the top, but I'm used to red on the right and black on the left - I would use the marks on the lines to distinguish top from bottom, assuming there are line marks at both ends (I haven't unwound them yet). I don't suppose there's a right or wrong way just personal preference?

Second question. The right hand bridle leg running to the centre of the kite had a knot in it. I say had, because I have undone the bridle and removed the knot. I assumed it was a build error but it wouldn't have been used to equalise the bridle would it?

Thanks, and looking forward to further posts and developing my skills with what looks like a great kite.


Oh, and any other tips for the first flight would be welcome.