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Higher winds with standard 1.5B

07 September 2009 - 06:37 PM

I just received my new 1.5B (full sail) last week and took it to the beach on Saturday. It was a great day for flying, but the winds were a little stronger that I would've liked for first flights (I'm guessing around 15-20mph). But I decided to go for it anyway and just be extra careful. I used the 2 and 3 wrap LE's together and 3 wrap verticals and it worked quite well and a I seccessfully didn't break anything :-).

I do have a tuning question for you experts. I could do amazing hovers and slow forward and reverse flight, but when trying to go forward just a bit more than "slow", the sail would catch all the wind and zip and full speed and try to yank me off my feet. There was some "cliff" and if I went forward any faster than "slow", it was instantly "full speed".

I'm sure the best soltuion for this is a full vented sail, but that's out of the question for a while. Is there some adjustment or flying tip to help smooth out this speed control "cliff" so I don't fall off?

Thanks for all your help and advice over the past few weeks (and for all those that I talked with at WSIKF)!

First Rev: 1.5B mid-vent or 15.B standard for OR coast

11 August 2009 - 08:34 AM

I've been reading through many posts on this forum and have decided that my first (and maybe only, due to finances) Rev will be a 1.5B. The extra spars and setup provides the best all around use.

However, I can't quite decide between the standard or mid-vent. I know that most here recommend getting the standard and the full vent, but as I mentioned, I can barely afford one, so getting 2 is out of the question. The next is that I should base the choice on the wind where I fly. Typically I fly on the north Oregon coast and sometimes in the portland area. Not huge wind, but I believe 10-15mph is fairly common on the Oregon coast which can be handled by the std version but gets into its "twitchy" area. But there are also quite a few summer days with 2-4mph winds where the std would probably be better. I've read that the mid vent would solve the twitchy problem on the 10-15 days, but will it work OK on the 2-4mph days?

Thoughts? Recommendations from the northwest experts? What would you bring if you can only bring one?