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In Topic: Higher winds with standard 1.5B

08 September 2009 - 09:29 AM

Thanks Kairusan. Adding a bit more brake does seems to make some sense. Adding a bit more brake to the "neutral" position of the handles should help make it easier to finely tune the forward speed. I had the handles setup as I believed was recommended in the excellent video with the kit: The lower lines on the last knot (farthest from handle) and the top lines on the 4th from the last knot (about midpoint in the options). Next time I'm in strong wind I'll try moving the brake line back and maybe even letting out the top line.

I did practice my vertical hovers at the edges of the wind as you suggested. It was much easier to keep things under control. I also discovered your suggestion about letting the brake lines out completely and getting the kite directly over head during gusts. Nice trick.

Even with the strong winds and full sail, the kite flew amazingly well. Even when it hit warp speed, it was still controlled, just harder for a beginner to handle. Great kites :-).


In Topic: WSIKF

22 August 2009 - 07:27 PM

I (and the family) spent the day up there. Lolly gave me a great lesson and the opportunity to try out a Rev. I got to meet and chat with John for a few minutes. I witnessed the 64 megafly. And thoroughly enjoyed watching iQuad. Those guys are amazing.
Thanks for the great day!

In Topic: WSIKF

21 August 2009 - 07:28 AM

My family and I will be heading out first thing in the morning to spend Saturday enjoying the festival. I'm hoping to try flying a Rev for the first time, but I have a kite festival etiquette question for you guys. It sounds like you guys will all be in a roped off area "performing" and the spectators are all standing outside the ropes gawking and taking pictures. So do I just wait for a break in the action and jump the fence (when security isn't looking :-))? Or do I wait for some particular demo time? Or is there a different place that education occurs from the performance flying?

Never been to a festival before and I really don't like making a spectacle of myself. Thanks for the advice. I can't wait for tomorrow! ;-)

In Topic: WSIKF

18 August 2009 - 07:10 AM

earlier the better for parking. I'd shoot for 8 and stay all day.

there will be plenty of revs, don't worry...You'll fly one. ;)

Yes there are shops selling revs, though we've caused them to sell out before. haha.
see you soon!

Thanks JD! With you guys demoing the Rev's I'm surprised they can build enough to keep them in stock at any show :-).

I'm an early riser, but my family likes to sleep in a bit (especially during summer), so getting there by 8:00 will be difficult. We'll probably make it by about 9:00. I can't wait to watch you guys put on a show.

What time to expect to have the "mega-fly"? I'd like to be there for that, but I'm guessing the kids will be burned out by early afternoon and ready to head home.

Thanks for the warm welcome to the club.

In Topic: WSIKF

17 August 2009 - 10:05 AM

I'm a complete newbie to Rev's, but really want to try one out and see what they can do. I'll be there on Saturday just for the day, with the family in tow. From the sounds of it I may have a hard time finding a place to park that's in walking distance :-). How early do I need to be there on Saturday in order to get close and get a chance for a "try before you buy" experience?

Also, are there places ready to sell Rev's there? Do they have "killer show deals" or do the up the price to take full advantage of the impulse buy :-)

I can hardly wait too and I'm likely to just watch.