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20 September 2007 - 12:07 PM

hey wufer , i like my rev 1, it's my frist rev, i'm a newbe at this, i wish i had gotten a vented thou , in my area the winds stay at 13 mhr and over and when it hits 18 it pulls like a mad truck, good thing i have large arms , i have the red/mylar/black with the sle rods, someone has a pic of the same kite here with vents and it looks nice , so i haven't decided if i'm going to get my next rev 1 vented with the exp rods or go with 1.5 vented , but i do like the size of my rev 1 better :kid_smartass:

In Topic: Rev I?

06 September 2007 - 02:56 PM

:kid_smartass: CLTKiter thats a real nice pic of the rev1 red mylar black vented, i own one without vents and fly with fortflyer on weekens , and when the winds hit 16, it flys like a mad truck any higher then 20 i just sit the sidelines and watch the pro's at work , its my frist rev kite with the sle rods for this new guy it takes a beatting, but i'm thinking of getting a vented kite soon and i like the way your rev1 looks , i to was wondering how they were venting the rev1, they show the mylar replace with the screen on the web, i wonder how do they fly any better than having just 2 on each side like your r/m/b vented


30 July 2007 - 12:18 PM

:confused!: i also was looking for a custom rev 1.5 , all black vented but was told that the center panel has to be white with the logo, can't the logo be yellow ,white or red any brite color would still stand out with a black center panel

In Topic: Rev 1 Modification

22 July 2007 - 02:14 PM

http://freedom2000.f...babies_eng.html hey FortFlyer check this out and see if this helps you out on your quest on sewing

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24 June 2007 - 02:39 PM

hey fortflyer didn't see ya all week , i went monday, thurseday, sat. thoes 2 older guys were there on sat. {i don't know there name's} they were flying there rev's and another newbi who just got a rev2 had a little trouble getting it in the air, i also went sunday and i was glade i had the 200lb line , man it was windy!! , i think i threw my back out!! no i didn't want to get rid of my line set, i was just thinking of getting a secon line set to have extra for when i get any more rev's and i like the beery blues 140lb just wanted to make sure they would be all right for the rev1.5 in those windy days in New Bedford because it did give me a good workout today and the Rev Inc. suggest 150lb for the 1.5