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Posted by Acrilix on 28 April 2013 - 11:02 AM

Hi breezy, until this week It'd been a couple of years since I'd been out Rev flying, but I have just received two new Barresi full sails I ordered a while back. One is for my brother, and the other one for myself, so that I can give my 1.5 to our mate, Shez. (I'll have to make myself a new avatar now!) He has only had one short go on my Rev a couple of years ago, just flying it level, with a few gentle turns, so he will be another new flyer in these parts! (he lives in Wootton). My brother has a little more experience, as he often came with me when I was flying, but none of us have that many flying hours under our belt. Hopefully , the fact that we will all now have a Rev, may encourage us to get out more, because when we ARE flying we love it! Don't think we'll ever get too serious about it, but it is still great fun just messing around with them!biggrin.png

btw - like you, I first saw a Rev at a Kite Festival (Bedford), and just had to have one.

All the best with your new hobby.................sign_welcome.gif