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Just wanted to say thanks.

02 September 2009 - 09:20 PM

Hi everyone! I have been wanting to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience, which helped me decide which kite to buy. I've never actually asked any questions, but others have, and you responded kindly and generously to them.

I bought a new B-series (night) a few months back. It's a mid-vent and I love it. I have flown it for maybe 30-40 hours total since spring, due mainly to flying only on weekends, and many of those with almost no wind. So I'm still a beginner, but have enough experience to do the basic things with it and keep it in the air.

With the wind such as it was this year, generally light, I thought I had made a mistake in not buying the non-vented version, so I finally bought one of those too. I've only flown it twice, and it's very fun, but harder to control when the wind is gusty, at least for me.

One day I was able to fly both of them, and the mid-vent is definitely my favorite of the two, when there's enough wind to support it. But they are both fun, I don't regret buying either one.

Thanks again for helping me get into this great hobby!