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In Topic: Special Raffle direct from Rev! **can't miss**

08 August 2009 - 09:45 AM

It hit a different area in the forum:


lol. How on earth did I miss that :blink:
Cheers! :lol:

In Topic: Special Raffle direct from Rev! **can't miss**

08 August 2009 - 09:08 AM

Any news on the winners yet?... or am I just being blind and have missed the announcement somewhere??
The suspense is killing me :P

In Topic: Special Raffle direct from Rev! **can't miss**

23 July 2009 - 01:53 PM

E-mail sent... three for me :)

In Topic: Help choosing my second Rev

01 July 2009 - 10:46 AM

Hey guys, thanks for the comments/advice. Taking them on board I think Im now gona go for either a blast or power blast 2-4. Im gona try to get along to Dunstable too to see if I can see either of these "in action" before I go ahead and buy. I'd still like to have a go on a B-series at some point just to see what all the fuss is about... and maybe further down the line I'll get one of those too ;)

@TimW cheers for the tip about KiteWorks... he seems to do many of the models cheaper than kiteworld (where I had been looking previously), and he's not that far away so I might pop along to see what he's got. I'll have to look into whether the cheaper price is worth it since I notice the ones at kiteworld come with laser pro gold lines, which from reading many posts here seem to be the ones to go for. He also seems to do the Rev kite bag 20 cheaper than kiteworld too... which is of course what start this all off :lol:

Anyway, again, cheers for the pointers guys :)


In Topic: Help choosing my second Rev

30 June 2009 - 12:19 PM

Now, now Alden. Let's not go crazy with the new guy.
I say the Power Blast 2~4 would be perfect for his wind condition and wants.


It's interesting your suggesting the Power Blast, I hadn't really considered them as an option. I though they were considered more of a "one step down from a power kite"? Are these not the kind of kites that are gona whip me off my feet if Im not too carefull?

I guess they fly well in lower wind becuase they have a larger sail, right? Yet I notice the wind range for the 2-4 (for example) is 10-20mph which is higher than the shockwave (for the low end al least).

Don't get me wrong, Im not trying to question your judgement, I'm just trying to get all the information ;)

...My team has just got the new Blasts having flown the SLE/Rev 1.5 for 10 years straight. The new kite is aptly named and is reall great fun to fly. It may well be the thing you are looking for. It is a little (and I do mean that) more precise than the shockwave but if you want pure precision then the Barresi is the kite to get, however it flies in a really light wind and because of it's size it retains a good feel on the lines. I already love this kite and we are now working on some new moves to fly in team so we are still playing with the possibilities. It sounds like this could be the kite for you if you fly mainly on your own. oh and in a big wind this kite will give you plenty of excitement!...

How different of the blast from the shockwave? Im not to bothered about getting plenty of excitement in big winds as the shockwave already does a good job of that, but I guess the larger sail would make quite a difference in low winds too.... hmm! Oh and yeh, I do mainly fly on my own so you might be right about the blast... just depends how much more precision I'll get from it.

...If you were looking to start flying with other Rev fliers (and you should seriously try and do this) then you need to get a 1.5 of some sort...

I'd like to start flying with other Rev fliers but at the moment I have very little free time... may have to give up the weekend job just to get more time to fly kites :lol: lol This was one of the other reasons I was looking at the B-series... because all the "groups" appear to use 1.5s.

...I hope this helps but it's probably best to make it along to a kite festival and chat to some other fliers first. Brighton is 11th 12th July and Dunstable the following Sunday. After that the next big event is probably Portsmouth the last August bank holiday weekend...

Indeed, its given something to think about. If I can then I think Im gona try to get along to Dunstable... providing I can get time off work :angry:

Chris, you dont say where you are.
If your close to me, you'd be welcome to try what i have. (EXP, Blast & soon to be 1.5 and Bseries vent)
Im Swansea area (Close to some awesome sand & clean winds)

Be back in the UK soon so if your interested and close enough.....

Sorry, forgot to mention... Im just south of Birmingham :) so only a few hours down the road... I might take you up on that offer when I get some time off ;)


Oh, and cheers for the welcome everyone :)