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Own Thy Wobble > Stokes Bay with Hampshire crew

Posted 31 July 2009

It's been a busy few weeks. Our house buying adventure is nearing the end (oops... should I touch wood now?) and we're seriously starting to clear out random crap we've accumulated over the years. It doesn't leave much space for flying, but I wasn't going to miss meeting up with the guys (and Tine!) at Stokes Bay on Sunday. As ever...

Own Thy Wobble > Flying at Stoney Cross

Posted 16 July 2009

After acquiring my new vented B, I couldn't resist temptation and went flying to Stoney Cross a couple of times after work this week. I'm slowly getting used to the longer lines (120'). I've been using vented kite and race rods - a combination I couldn't understand when I first read about it, but in practice it just makes so much sense...

Own Thy Wobble > Brighton kite festival 2009

Posted 13 July 2009

Despite the forecast Sunday morning looked quite promising as we loaded up the car and set off for Brighton. Only an hour and a half to Brighton and I actually quite enjoyed that drive. Going towards the kite festival surely had nothing to do with it! We pitched our little beach shelter in a corner out of way when Jonesey turned up and stated he's...

Own Thy Wobble > Race rods in action

Posted 09 July 2009

I had a really frustrating day today, chasing stupid insurance people to finally sort out my car, receiving the call from the garage saying that it may not be worth fixing... generally, just a rubbish day. Until this evening.I packed Cal's BB guns into the car so all he had to do when he came from school is change clothes and go. We then quickly picke...

Own Thy Wobble > I just had to say....

Posted 08 July 2009

YEAH!My race rods arrived this morning. Unfortunately, the weather has been rather rubbish so I didn't get a chance to try them out. I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunity soon enough, though. I am SO happy.