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#92431 Global Rev Count.

Posted by Reef Runner on 14 April 2013 - 02:17 PM

A brief update on my progress to make the new list public. I am still going through the old posts rebuilding the old count in the new format. It's taking me longer than I had hoped because life has kind of gotten in the way over the past couple of weeks. Apologies for the delay. Barton


FORGIVEN !! big_beer.gif

#92248 keeping sand out of endcaps

Posted by Reef Runner on 28 March 2013 - 05:13 AM

Now if only I can figure out a way to deal with the humidity + powder like sand on some of our beaches which result in the entire sail and lines being coated in a layer of the stuff ...


Well, you know when you get in the shower in the evening (well, maybe we shouldn't go there), but just a suggestion..........or maybe a water hose, for the Rev. 


When I fly on the dunes, during the hot days of summer, many times I come in and step in the outdoor shower for a quick rinse off.  Then I grab the Rev, hit it good on both sides with the water hose, and we both go up and sit on the deck, in the sun & breeze to dry off.  Hey, it works for me, but probably not so good in cold weather............ani_whistling.gif

#92115 Favorite Revs?

Posted by Reef Runner on 18 March 2013 - 05:45 AM

Not being a die-hard collector, nor a hoarder of kites, I have drastically lightened up my Rev Bag over the past couple of years, and with mixed feelings, I have managed to thin out quite a few, while holding onto, some of my old favorites (and even added a couple, here and there).  Yes, there are Revs to fly, and then there are Revs to hang on the wall, so good or bad, (and not that the ones I let go were bad, because they surely weren't), the kites that I kept, were simply the ones that I would always go to, during the short and limited times that I had to fly.  Didn't someone once say, "so many kites and so little time to fly"?  If not, they should have, but as I eventually trimmed down, my once growing collection, moving them on to others who had a bit more time to put them through the paces, I said good bye to my beautiful Lee Sedgwick Rev I, a complete set of B-series (std, mid & vtd), as well as my gorgeous set of B-Pros (std, mid & vtd), along with a few stand alone B's and 1.5 SLE's.


As for the keepers, in the 1.5 category, I was always finding myself going for one of my mid-vent B-series, so yep, that one remains.  Then, changing gears a bit, along came a little Rev II, and after a shaky start, I finally became quite fond of that little kite, especially when the wind was really cooking.  This, of course, eventually lead me to my favorite Rev - the B2 standard.  Now, this may or may not remain my favorite Rev, because recently, I've added a brand new B2 mid, as well as a B2 vtd.  Neither of these have been flown yet, but knowing how I really love to fly in the brisk coastal winds, of North Carolina's Outer Banks, and being well aware of how "vents", improved the 1.5 experience, I am really looking forward to checking out these new B2's, so watch out B2 std, there's a new pair of horses in the stable, just waiting for summer. cat_lol.gif

#91169 Upgrade coming!

Posted by Reef Runner on 20 December 2012 - 06:27 AM

Not that it matters, especially if you are the one having the problem, but just for the record, everything is working just fine, over here on the right coast, both here on the Rev forum, and over on the Kitelife forum.  Even RevWizard's animated avatar is looking good, as usual. 


For the record......Windows XP Pro SP3  with  FireFox 17.0.1  all on my "regular old laptop, with real keys"  cat_shy.gif

#80277 Rod Comparison

Posted by Reef Runner on 21 May 2011 - 04:03 PM

I have attached a .pdf file that has a basic breakdown of all the rods currently sold by Revolution. Posted Image

Hey Watty,
I am attaching some recent weights, that I took on some sets of rods, that I currently own.
They are listed in ascending order, according to weight, and they lined up, just as you might expect.........
These are 5 pc sets.........weighed in grams, and then re-weighed in ounces.........nick

2 wrap--------------75 grams--------2.60 ounces
Race (black)------80 grams--------2.80 ounces
Race (green)-----95 grams--------3.40 ounces
3 wrap-------------105 grams--------3.70 ounces
4 wrap-------------115 grams--------4.10 ounces