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#92231 Pairs Advice Wanted

Posted by Jim Foster on 27 March 2013 - 05:21 PM

Myself and West Australian crossed lines this morning and..... it was unreal. Great fun. Even had a couple of tangles but with a bit of a laugh, it took no time at all to fix. Will definitely be doing that again. We were on 80 footers as they were the longest lines we both had. Can't wait to try 120's! It was good to be it that kind of proximity of another kite. To interact with and upon another in the air is a joyous feeling. YOU WERE ALL RIGHT, it wasn't as scary as it looked. Advice for newbies, CROSS THOSE LINES!!

Oh, dear.....you're hooked now..................


Enjoy the ride....

#92130 Obliviots

Posted by Jim Foster on 18 March 2013 - 04:37 PM

Wayne, let it go.  Most all of the folks who Lynn and I encounter on the beach are really nice, and are very willing to walk around, or stay back, however, once and a while you will run into that one person who will make your blood boil.  Let roll off, and just know that they don't or won't understand, and probably never will.


Remember......you are the one having a great time.  They are the Obliviot..

#92002 Pairs Advice Wanted

Posted by Jim Foster on 12 March 2013 - 02:19 PM

One thing that really helped me to gain confidence with another kite in the sky was set up my Rev, then put a single line kite in the sky and use it as a "Target".  Fly up to it and stop.  Hover.  Move your kite around the kite.  The target may move some from side to side or up and down.  Learn to account for that.  Get confident flying close to another kite.  That will make it much easier to fly with someone else who may not have the same level of skill that you do.  If you have someone in mind to fly with and they are new as well, they might want to do the same thing with a single line kite.  Learn what I call "defensive flying".  That will save you many trips across the field to get one kite untangled from the other.


When you start flying together, there should be only one "captain of the ship", usually standing on the right.  Let the other person know what you intend to do with your kite and get them to follow you and they should do what you do, where you did it.  Turn where you turned etc.  In no time you will be amazed at how good you are doing.  Leader should maintain constant speed and follower should try to maintain constant space between kites.  Once you master following one another you can progress to more complicated moves.


Good luck and enjoy flying together.

#91951 Headed To Kite Party to be with my Family

Posted by Jim Foster on 08 March 2013 - 08:38 PM

Wind and some heavy rain this morning.  After the rain stopped, all that was left was sun and wind. 


A great afternoon was had by all. 


More tomorrow.

#91628 Antelope Island 2013

Posted by Jim Foster on 13 February 2013 - 04:54 PM

Lynn and I are really looking forward to our first trip to Antelope Island.  We plan to stay on the island in our trailer for the whole event including Monday and Tuesday nights if that's OK.

#91488 REV shots with famous landmark backgrounds!

Posted by Jim Foster on 30 January 2013 - 02:36 PM

Here's some I should have posted earlier.  We were able to fly for five hours on the Aircraft Carrier Midway, President's Day, 2012.  They supplied us with a music system (we supplied the CDs).


It was a "May we borrow your Aircraft Carrier" kind of day.

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#91295 Hit the ground running and it's "The Years Day Fly" in San Diego

Posted by Jim Foster on 02 January 2013 - 10:35 AM

We had a time we had at the San Diego New Years Day Fly.  We flew nearly all day with Carol and Cass Pittman, and Tom King.   John Mason, Dan Willan and Joe Hadzicki joined us for some of the time.


Then there was the pot luck lunch.  Lots of very good food.


Thank you to the club for a great time.


Cheers, and Happy New Year....


Lynn and Jim

#91227 Mega Team 100 animation - WSKIF 2013

Posted by Jim Foster on 24 December 2012 - 07:08 PM

Very nice John. It not only works on my laptop, it works on my iPhone.

#91087 Upgrade coming!

Posted by Jim Foster on 14 December 2012 - 04:25 PM

It's OK now on my laptop as well as my iPhone.

No idea what was wrong.

#87663 Edit - Got My 1st Rev

Posted by Jim Foster on 19 April 2012 - 04:28 PM

It's best to just bite the bullet and get a B standard package with extra frame (2 and 3 wrap) and all. Then you will need a B vented package, also with two frames (3 and 4 wrap). At that point you will be able to fly in any wind in which you care to stand. Yes, lots of $$$, but in the end, a very good way to go.

#85368 New Handsfree Video Camera

Posted by Jim Foster on 04 December 2011 - 09:56 AM

Many of us have been trying various methods of videoing our flying. Some have attached cameras to a cap, others to a kite.
I found these, and gave us an early Christmas present.


I got them here.


I understand that they are available at REI, but have not checked that out.

We went to the park yesterday and gave them a try. This was our first try. I neglected to raise my head high enough when the kites were high in the sky. Easy to correct. Due to the preset camera resolution, the files are very large, but can be converted to other formats and made smaller. When that is done, the picture is not as crisp, but still very good. Here is a clip of our first try. This clip is at the higher resoulution, so I made it only 30 seconds.

#82037 Cartwheels across the window?

Posted by Jim Foster on 17 July 2011 - 01:52 PM

The way I learned to do this is to fly forwards across the wind window, then about half way through, I spin 180 degrees and continue flying, but now in reverse. I kept doing this and every once and a while adding another spin. Eventually you will get it to where you will cartwheel all across the window.

I think Watty has it.

Another way is to turn 1/4 turn at a time as you slide across the window, making only one complete turn. Once you have that going, add 1/4 turn each pass. All done very slowly.

There is no one, sure, easy way. I think the most important thing is to not try to do too much all at once. Break it into small bites, you know, the way you eat an Elephant.

#78979 Broke my Rev

Posted by Jim Foster on 31 March 2011 - 08:13 AM

In this case, a fillet would act as a wedge, tending to split the outer spar if it is jammed hard against the joint (as in an "end-crash" against the ground).

There is one other thing you should check. Inspect the end of the spar that was over the ferrule that slipped inside,, as it may have breaks or splits in it. If it has, it can be repaired with a little epoxy on the inside, and can be used any place in the frame except where that end would slide over a ferrule.

#73315 Check your Ferrules

Posted by Jim Foster on 16 September 2010 - 02:26 PM

Today I went through our Revs checking for loose ferrules.

I found four which were loose and needed to be cleaned up and glued.

Over time they do come loose, and if not repaired, you may push the ferrule all the way into the center spar when putting the leading edge together. That's a bad thing.

Finding and repairing before a problem happens, now that's a good thing.