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04 July 2009 - 02:59 AM

Well, the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) boys did it again!
They borrowed my EXP for 2 hours and made their own copy of it.
They used Advantage DPM (camo..disrupted pattern material) parachute silk and lightweight ABS spars to turn out a fabulous kite (where the hell they got a sewing machine / seamstress from i have no idea)
I was flying my EXP quite happily then this DPM "Rev' comes whipping past my head, scared the sh1t out of me!!!
I Couldn't see the flyers as they were secreted in a wadii (dry river bed) 1 up to REME for the 'stitch' up (pun intended)
I spoke to the flyer who told me that "it looked like fun so we thought lets make a better one"
They have submitted a request for carbon rods and miles of line, knowing them, it'll be dropped before we get our mail drop!! I heard them mention thousand foot lines on monofilament
Since the 'Deeps' maiden flight, I have seen the plans for a Humongously massive Rev-a-like. standard Rev shape but PowerBlast proportions.
These guys are the ultimate best there is at their game, I have NO doubts at all that they WILL succeed in their mission......To have maximum fun when not at work!!
Helmand is a boring place, it's amazing what people do to relieve boredom.
There's plenty of clean wind about and miles of open space to fly in, shame it's so bloody dangerous.

I can't wait to get home :)

Rev For Sale??

26 June 2009 - 06:02 AM

Hi all, I am looking to buy another Rev Kite, but my funds are somewhat limited at the moment so i thought i'd ask you guys (n Girls) if anyone in the UK has any kites they may wish to part with. Any Rev's sitting lost and forlorn under the stairs etc.
Not looking for Blast / Supersonic shape, more towards the standard shape, preferably complete and RTF.


Weighting the outer LE rods of EXP

20 June 2009 - 05:31 AM

have been wondering if weighting the outer spars on the LE of an EXP would make any difference so i tried it today (i'm a fiddler by nature)
I slid some cut to length fibreglass rods into the LE and assembled.
It took off faster than usual and stopped dead far quicker than usual.
Now I don't know if this is related, but the kite seems to hold itself steadier in any hover position. Turns seem sharper and it feels far more responsive in general.
I tried weighting the upright spars, but it became so sluggish i removed them after 10 mins

Anyone else tried anything similar??

totally unrelated...... i'm looking at building a 3piece sail, reduced size Rev-a-like based on a directly minimised scale (50%) Would i get my butt kicked if I added the Revolution logo or should i use a directly similar REVaLIKE logo?? Don't want to upset anyone.


Blast & EXP Bridles

14 June 2009 - 02:02 PM

Anyone have a diagram, webpage link, or could post a few pics of how the bridles of an EXP and a Blast should look, i'm sure the second hand Blast I have has the bridles setup wrong.
Many Thanks

Blast's first outing

12 June 2009 - 06:36 AM

Well, i took the newly aquired EXP and the Blast (2001 model) for their first flights today.
The EXP flew nice, i found that i can do all the excercises set out in the flying techniques sheet, albeit a bit wobbly.
Played with it for 3 hours then thought 'Blast'!!!
Set it up, everything tight but not overly so.
Thought 'take it easy' as i'm using unidentified strain dyneema lines but had to see what she was like.
So,.... up she went with a mild but continuous wind, then she caught a gust, S***e!! the power is amazing, Played with the brakes, easier to use than the EXP, then at top of the window, she turns tail and heads groundward, full brakes....Nothing!! Smack, head on full whack impact with the grass. Wind rolls her over gently, something looks wonky, tied brake lines to stake and go to inspect. All 3 leading edge spars have collapsed, crushed by the impact i suspect.

Now you know the story, i have questions:
Does the Blast (01model) come with Ultralight spars as standard? (outer LE, center spar has Rev Equipped in Gold, outers have U/L on Gold)
Would replacing them with a set of 4, cut to measure, skyshark tubes be any good
Any ideas why she just turned kamikazi on me? everything was as it was when she went up, bridles etc
Do standard (13inch from EXP) handles have detrimental effects on the Blast (have ordered a pair of extended [15inch] now)

(Skyshark tubes...I have a very high regard for these tubes as i have used them with Delta's and archery equipment and have never had a crushed one yet)

Thanks in advance for all who attempt to help me in this hour of need and sorrow lol (she WILL be rebuilt)