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Some pretty fantastic pics my friend took of me flying...

28 July 2009 - 11:51 PM

I don't get any credit for the shots, obviosuly, as I'm in them, but here they are!
We went on a roadtrip to Seattle, decided to fly alittle bit down in the Columbia River basin... It was about 95degrees at the time these were taken, ~15mph wind dropping right down into the canyon, it was fantastic...

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I know it looks like I've got the kite really high, but the thing is, the area I am standing on slopes downhill much more than the pictures show. I could lower the kite below my visibility, if I so inclined, and all that was below was the canyong.. As you can imagine, I was nervously flying it high... :D
And eventually, when we got to Seattle, here's a shot at Gaswoks park (same park as kite hill...)

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Newbie in the US: What's the best place to buy online?

01 June 2009 - 12:13 AM

Hey all.

About 3 years ago, I randomly stumbled on Rev kites. I think I saw some in a kite store, got curious, saw the price tag, and left. Anyway, times have changed, I'm older, and have some free time to actually fly kites again. I broke out a few of my Deltas, and have been having great fun (and a few sunburns too...) the past few months. However, I somehow remembered Revs again, and after some pondering, I just have to get one.

Not totally sure, but after reading here, I think I'll most likely be getting the 1.5 SLE. Thing is, I live in North Idaho, USA, and there are just literally no kite shops within 250 miles, so I'm forced to getting one online.

Is there any particular site you guys really respect/would recommend?

Thanks much.
Any other tips/is the 1.5 sle a good choice/whatever, feel free. I've been browsing the forum a few weeks, and while there's a lot of stuff, I'm learning.