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In Topic: looking for assembly diagrams/instructions for my rev

31 May 2009 - 04:11 AM

It is easier with another flyer, but I learned and flew on my own for years.
For questions, I wrote to Monkey's old web site, you can now write to this forum.
Good luck!

when attaching the lines:does red go on one side and black on the other or does it matter(all the lines should be the same lenght right).
when connecting the lines to the handles does the long end of the handles goto the top or bottom?

In Topic: looking for assembly diagrams/instructions for my rev

29 May 2009 - 06:12 AM

assembly is easy,
turn the kite face down, the sticks go into it that way (on the back of the kite)

carefully slip the three leading edge tubes together,

~ run your finger along the edge until you feel the ferrule,
~ carefully insert the ferrule into the outer tube as you push them together
~ when fully seated place the endcap over the edge of the tube such that not twists or wraps happen between the elastic, bridle and tube.

place the down tubes into position, again insuring everything is aligned properly between the elastics, bridle and the tube.

There it's all assembled. Take it apart the same way, in reverse order from what's listed above.

Best piece of advise is to try and find another REV pilot in your area. That will save you hundreds of hours of frustration! It's worth the trouble to drive several hours for this coaching!!!

Thank you for the advice. But i'm the only kite flyer where i'm stationed,all that i've learned is all self taught/you tube watching/various kite forums questions