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25 May 2009 - 02:03 PM

Hi all!

Just thought i'd make my first posting on Andy's Topic here, as after meeting him flying his EXP on Saturday I too have been converted to the Way of the Revolution!

I'd gone down to the local park to fly my 3 week old Ozone Flow 4 and saw Andy tricking the Rev. We got talking, I mentioned I'd been thinking of buying a B Series after seeing the iQuad and Barresi vids on Youtube and being TOTALLY blown away, and he let me take the lines! What a gent - now I am truly hooked and will be placing my order this week! :w00t:

I've been flying both delta trick kites and 4 line traction kites for a number of years, but i have seen the light and the Revolution has opened my mind to endless possibilities. Just can't wait to be flying my own B Series now, and look forward to the learning process with the help of this great forum.

Cheers one and all