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Second hand rev I, T300 pro spars, 20 years old!!!

20 May 2009 - 04:27 AM

I just got in contact with someone who wants to sell his old rev since he has not used it for many many years. It flew maybe 4 times, is in mint condition and... wait for this... is 20 years old meaning it was one of the first models to be produced.

It says T300 pro, does anyone have any info on this model?

Also, assuming the kite is in good condition, does it hold any collectionable value??

Here are a few pictures of the kite.


MasterPiece or B Series... ouch!!!

06 May 2009 - 01:02 PM

I'm up for a rev this year and I'm really stuck between two tough choices... I like flying and I like looking at my kite ;)

I find the B series the best value for the buck
Pros :
* They come with many extras.
* Fly in low of mid wind perfectly.
* I dont really like the art work on it, the B pro's artwork is better since you can custom it...

On the other hand, the masterpiece series are SOOOOO nice to look at that if I could make it fly somewhat like a B series I'd rather choose that instead. I'm a little biased against the SLE spar but its possible to change the spars when you order so I could order it with race rods instead.

So the question is, if I purchased a masterpiece edition with a race rod set, do you guys think it will fly just as good as a B series (I assume at least the fabric is different than the B series)?