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12 May 2009 - 03:51 AM

Well I'm sure from the title you can probably guess what has happened :) Thanks to all the great advice I gathered from the forum I plumped for a standard B-series which arrived on Friday. So I went out for a few hours after work on friday evening for my first flight. My first thought was 'blimey thats fast!' switfly followed by stacking it into the ground :wacko: However within a few minutes while I wouldnt say I was *fully* 'in control' I was at least having a blast and keeping it up in the air (and quickly learned the value of a bit of sharp braking!) :P

I was amazed just how easy it is to re-lauch etc when flying single handed - even when the kite falls flat it will often flip back over once a bit of a breeze gets underneath - this is definitely a kite that wants to be in the air!

Thanks for all the help and advice on here - its defintely a very friendly forum :lol: Hopefully I will be meeting up with Sailor and Jonesy this weekend to get properly initiated into the Rev flying community.