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Rev 1 repair plz help

20 July 2009 - 08:27 PM

I have a Rev 1. it got a tear in the mesh at the top of the kite is there anyway to repair it. i thought about just laying it on some wax paper and using some super glue but i dont want to mess some thing up. it was my first rev. i got it when i was 13 im 21 now so it has been around for a while. i just dont want the tear to spread.

Cheap Spars When you break yours

25 April 2009 - 10:59 PM

Ok i dont know if anyone has done this before or if the kite is even rated to do it, but i flew my rev 1.5 like the original one, in 45 gusting to 60 mph winds yesterday. The spars that i use r from a gocart flag like the kind you buy at wal-mart. if you take the metal part off the bottom and cut just below the flag, you can cut the bar directly in half and use the two halfs as the downrods. they have plenty of flex so you dont have to worry so much about them snapping. i have had them pop out a couple times but i just went and found them and put them back in and was back in the air. i cant find a link for them but walmart has them they r only 5 dollars so its way cheaper than buying new spars but be warned you lose performance for being able to fly in such high winds. and i have broken lines before. so be carefull. and dont hurt yourself