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tips for beginners

13 April 2009 - 11:29 AM

hi guys.
im very new with rev. my bofried bought it for me after we saw them in portsmounth on a rev kite festival and i loved it. but the thing is im not very good YET and i have noone to give me advise or tips. i have read d manual and watched the dvd that came with the rev(i ve a 1,5 EXP). so far i have learned how to start d kite, to fly sideways and so.
but i have a problem to make the kite stand when i want to start it and when im alone thats a problem cause there is noone to hold it for me so that i can lift it to the air, so it just lies flat on the ground. any tips on that?
any other beginner tips you could give me. like if i should adjust the lines or something, anything..........
and could someone explain the difference between the different kites.
thanks for any answer