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14 April 2009 - 11:42 AM

no im not from Portsmouth, i was only there for a long weekend. i live in northe west london. we go kiting (me my bf and friends-they r landboard kiters) to different areas but unfortunatly havent met any other rev kiter yet (a part form the ones in portsmouth). so if there is anyone from london willing to help. pls let me knowwwww :)
well thx everyone for your tips and advice. i will try to practice and practice and fly fly fly.

Hi Flummi

Welcome to the forum and welcome to the Darkside.

First you don't say where you live, because, I wouldn't mind betting that it there is another Rev flyer within 50 miles of you, they will be inviting you to come a fly with them, we are a friendly, helpful bunch and we are very gregarious. Though somewhat dated the Rev instruction DVD is extremely informative but it is no match for a bit of face to face tuition, if you get such an invite be sure to take it up you will learn so much in a few hours spent with someone with a little experience, I was very lucky when I started out because I share a home field wit some of the UK's best, a little help makes a big difference.

You say you first saw Revs at the Portsmouth festival, are you local or were you there on holiday because I know there is a small group of very experienced fliers just along the coast at Southampton.

Second, practice but above all ENJOY.

Welcome to the Darkside. :big_starwars: